Dear Customers,

recently, a lot has happened with us. We would like to share our thoughts of the most important events of the past period. For your convenience, we will try to clearly present and summarize the most important recent events.

A new Head Office

In June, the next stage of the company’s development was completed. It was at the end of this month that we completed the construction of a new head office. The company building consists of an office building and a production hall. Modern systems installed in the building ensuring comfort and safety. Of course we used a few our products to ensure maximum fire safety :). In the building there are installed: SA-K7N sounders with VAD, SAOZ-Pk outdoor sounder with VAD and installation boxes of the PIP-1AN, PIP-2AN or PIP-3AN type.

W2 Head Office in Kruszyn Krajeński, Poland

W2 Head Office in Kruszyn Krajeński, Poland

You can find us now:

ul. Ceramiczna 1A
86-005 Kruszyn Krajeński

Information about new localization are included in the CONTACT page.

A new website

As time passed, we came to the conclusion that we should refresh our site a bit. For your convenience, we decided not to change the layout of the most important pages or subpages too much. Therefore, the graphic design has been refreshed and functionalities that we believe should improve the use of the website have been added.

Most important changes:

  • the designer and installer zone and the distributor zone have been combined into CLIENT ZONE
  • we’ve added iconographies in the product description that should help you compare products. They allow you to present the most important product information easily and quickly. In case of doubt as to the meaning of the icon, hovering over it with the mouse cursor will expand its description

sound output at 1 m

  • COOPERATING PRODUCTS have been added under the product description. Thanks to this, you can easily check what accessories are compatible with product

Cooperating products

  • A distributor map has been added on the home page, our distributors can be found on the short page. A search engine has also been added that can be used to search for results by company or city name

Distributors map

  • a homepage slider has been added
  • the site is fully responsive so you can easily view it on mobile devices as well
  • and many other elements that will ultimately improve site browsing and contact with us

A new SAOZ-Pk2 outdoor sounder with VAD – available now!

SAOZ-Pk2 zdjęcie 3We have added a new external (outdoor) sounder with VAD to the offer, which has CNBOP-PIB documents. This is the successor of the SAOZ-Pk signalling device.

The main change is the new optical part based on LEDs. Thanks to this, the power consumption has been significantly reduced, which is over 4x lower than in the case of SAOZ-Pk. Device has several additional functions, which are listed below.

Most important parameters and functions of SAOZ-Pk2:

  • Intended for indoor and outdoor fire alarm systems.
  • Device meets requirements of EN 54-3, EN 54-23 standards.
  • Color of light: red or white or red and white alternately.
  • Sound source: piezoceramic transducers.
  • LEDs light source.
  • 4 alarm sound patterns to choose from.
  • Synchronization option (the acoustic and optical parts are being synchronized with use of additional line). There is possible to synchronize device with SA-K5N and SA-K7N devices.
  • Sound output at 1m >110 dB
  • Reduced volume mode (stepwise volume control approx. 6 dB)
  • Reduced coverage area mode
  • Low current consumption <100 mA (reduced coverage area and reduced volume mode <50 mA)
  • Lamp off delay option
  • Cooperate with WSD-1 audible signal switch

More information about SAOZ-Pk2 can be found at product description.

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