Dear Customers,

we kindly inform you that due to changes in the company’s head office, Certificates and Certificates of Approval issued by CNBOP-PIB have been updated. In addition, Certificates of Conformity (CPD) have been replaced by Certificates of Constancy of Performance (CPR). Below all changes:

  • SA-K5, SA-K6, SA-K7 Certificate 1438/CPD/0010 has been replaced by 1438-CPR-0010
  • SA-K5N Certificate 1438/CPD/0307 has been replaced by 1438-CPR-0307
  • SA-K7N Certificate 1438/CPD/0308 has been replaced by 1438-CPR-0308
  • SO-Pd13 Certificate 1438/CPD/0287 has been replaced by 1438-CPR-0287
  • SG-Pgw2  Certificate 1438-CPR-0489 issue no. 2
  • SAOZ-Pk2 Certificate 1438-CPR-0655  issue no. 2

Updated Certificates of Approval (with a date of 30.08.2019) have been issued for the above-mentioned products, which replace the previous ones (subject to numbering).

In addition, we would like to inform you that for PIP-AN instalation boxes, the valid documents issued by CNBOP-PIB are: National Technical Assessment and the National Certificate of Constancy of Performance.

All valid documents are available for download from our website (on the page DOWNLOAD and in the product description). In case of any doubts we are at your disposal:

Best Regards,

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