OZ-50-3 cover

Intended use:

The OZ-50-3 covers are intended to protect signalling devices with optical part, detectors or other devices that match the shape of cover.  Covers help to protect against mechanical damages, e.g. hitting by a ball. Product can be applied in e.g. sports halls, cellars, attics etc. The OZ-50-3 covers are dedicated for SA-P8 and SAO-P8 in all varieties.

Product description:

The OZ-50-3 covers are made of steel wire, covered with white powder paint. In the base there are located: holes for mounting the cover to the ground, holes for cable entry and nuts for attaching the signaling device base

Weight ~285 g
Dimensions  Ø 150×108 mm

Comparison of the height of the OZ-50 covers:

Porównanie wysokości osłon OZ-50

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