About us

About us

Włodzimierz Wyrzykowski W2 company was established in 1999 and it specializes in solutions in the field of professional electronics. Field of company’s activity includes designing, production and sales of the best quality signaling devices for fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems and installing equipment.

W2 head office

W2 head office in Kruszyn Krajeński

Certificates and awards

W2 company has got CPR Certificates issued by CNBOP-PIB (Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection) for signaling devices intended for fire alarm systems and as a producer of oryginal versions of installation boxes we have a National Certificate of Constancy of Performance and National Technical Assessment of CNBOP-PIB certifying the resistance of PIP-AN type installation boxes to high temperatures E90.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Our specialized engineering team makes projects of new products, creates software and carries out tests, and thanks to this W2 company is able to systematically meet the growing needs of the market. W2 company’s products and their software are based on innovative technology solutions using the highest quality production materials. W2 is proud of very low failure frequency running at a level of 0.15% of repairs under guarantee and post guarantee repairs during the last two years. Since 2008 W2 company possesses ISO 9001 certificate within the scope of production of signaling devices and installing equipment intended for fire, and burglar alarm systems.

The high quality and innovation of products processed by W2 were recognized during the Poznań International Fair (MTP) in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 when the company’s beacons were awarded with Gold Medals. In 2016 and 2018, during SECUREX, W2 also received the Acanthus Aureus award, which is given to exhibitors who are best able to imagine their vision of the stand in service with the company’s marketing strategy.



W2 company offers a possibility of designing and producing signaling devices according to client’s specification. We provide our clients with competent consultancy, quick service and short delivery dates. Thanks to attractive prices and reliability, W2 products won recognition of many installers, distributors and final customers.


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