The SAO-P8 sounder with VAD appears in the offer instead of the SA-K7N signaling device. It comes in 6 varieties that differ in the color of the housing (white or red), as well as the color of the generated light (white, red, white and red alternately). It is worth mentioning that the Certificate of Approval is valid only for the SAO-P8/CC variety (housing and red light), while the Certificate of Constancy of Performance is valid for all varieties. As in SO-P8, also in SAO-P8 it is possible to choose 1 of 4 solids (3m, 6m, 9m, 12m) within one device. It is worth mentioning that the 12m solid shape is a complete novelty. It allows you to achieve up to 70% larger radius of the coverage area (compared to SA-K7N/9m mounted on the ceiling, height 6 m). Please note that changing the settings (solid shape, sound pattern, potentiometer position) affects the current and power consumption. SAO-P8 has the option of synchronization (additional wire) with the following devices:

  • SA-P8, SA-K5N (acoustic part)
  • SO-P8 (optical part)
  • SA-K7N, SAOZ-Pk2 (acoustic and optical part)

In relation to the SA-K7N, the cover of the optical module is also different (with the addition of a diffuser), which allows you to visually distinguish the SAO-P8 sounders with VAD from its predecessor. This procedure also improved the appearance and overall aesthetics of the device. A new feature is the starting current limiter. The SAO-P8 housing has an ingress protection of IP33 and mechanical resistance of IK07.

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