Automation module MA-03


MA-03 module is intended for control of signal towers of the WS-Ad series, using analog interfaces used in industrial automation systems.


MA-03 automation module has a single control input. The input can operate in two modes: current loop or control signal. Control input is equipped with three terminals: current, voltage and control signal ground terminal. The current control signal is understood as a current loop of 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA. The voltage signal, on the other hand, is of 0-10 V DC.



GND 1 – ground supply, GND 2 – ground of control system, GND 3 – opto-isolators emitters OC outputs

Power supply 20-30 V DC
Current consumptions at 24 V DC Inactive outputs <25 mA
Active outputs <60 mA
Input type 0-10 V DC, 0-20 mA
Resolution of display data (voltage mode) 0,1 V
Resolution of display data (current mode) 0,1 mA
Accuracy ±10 mV, ±0,05 mA
Outputs number 10
Outputs type Transistor OC
(separated from control circuits)
Sampling frequency of the input signal 2,9 kHz
Refresh rate on the display data 45 Hz
Ingress protection IP20
Working temperature range -10°C ÷ +55°C
Max. cross-section 2,5 mm2
Weight ~125g
Dimensions 50x75x45 mm


The module casing is made of plastic material, the casing shape design allows for direct mounting of the module on a DIN rail. MA-03 module is equipped with two terminal blocks, consisting of eight tracks each. Connection terminals of the module are located on the front panel of the casing, which facilitates the device wiring.

MA-03 has ten outputs of the OC type, with a common rail (with included opto-isolators emitters). The module is also equipped with separate grounds for the supply and control signal.

Depending on the input signal value, the user can easily define the levels for which the module output is activated  (color or acoustic signal of the WS-Ad signal tower). The user can, for each of the 10 module outputs, define the LOW value of the control signal (value at which the given output of the module is activated – shorted to ground), as well as the upper value of the control signal (the value at which the module output is switched off – open). Hysteresis is the default value, and is at either 0.05 mA or 0.05 V. The settings for each output are stored in non-volatile memory of the device. In the case of a current control signal, is it possible to set a threshold with a resolution of 0.1 mA, whereas for the analogue voltage control signal, such resolution is of 0.1 V.

The user interface is implemented using three 7-segment LED displays, two potentiometers and the select button. Thanks to such a solution, the interface is maximally simplified. During normal operation of the module, the upper display shows the value of the signal at the control input, the lower display shows the input mode (current or voltage). At the time when the input signal goes outside the range, the error is indicated by the message “Err”, the upper display shows the maximum value, the outputs are disabled. When the input operates in the 4-20 mA standard, values below 4 mA (damage to the loop) are also indicated by the error message “Err”.

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