WS-Ad signal tower


The WS-Ad signal tower is a signalling device designed for using in automatics systems, which function is to generate optical or acoustic and optical signals.

Similarly, as in case of signal towers KS-Ad, this product is designed first of all for the industrial automatics sector, to signalize the machine operation state. As opposed from signal towers (columns) of the KS-Ad series, signal towers WS-Ad haven’t got the built-in control mechanism. They are the system more simple in use, whose operation has to be watched over by the user.


In case of giving the incorrect combination of control signals the device does not make an automatic correction (e.g. switching on the warning signal of red and green colours simultaneously).


In the device basis there are two terminal strips. The strip of orange colour is designed for connecting the supply voltage as well as conductors controlling the optical signal generation. Depending on the product version, the strip is made up of the different number of paths. The strip of white colour is designed for connecting conductors controlling the acoustic signal generation.

The optical signal generation is done through the control conductor connected to GND with a colour. Depending on the version of WS-Ad signal tower, the user has from 2 to 5 colours at his disposal, with a sound module. The conductor colour is ascribed to the colour of generated signal (e.g. the conductor connected to GND of the blue colour causes the optical signal generation of blue colour). The optical signal is generated as long as the conductor controlling the colour becomes connected to GND.

Version with a sound module:

In case of a version with the built-in sound module, the user receives different audible signals through connecting to gnd of appropriate conductors. Similarly, as in case of optical signal, the acoustic signal lasts as long as the control input becomes connected to GND.

In the sound module there was used the priority mechanism, it means that if the user connects to gnd a few conductors controlling the sound, there will be generated the tone corresponding with the event of higher priority. Moreover, the sound module enables operation with two values of sound volume. The operation selection is done through the conductor VOL (conductor of black colour) connected to gnd or leaving it not connected. In case, when the conductor is not connected, the tower generates the sound of the volume >95 dB, after the conductor is connected to GND, the sound volume is decreased to the value >75 dB.

Parameter Value
Supply voltage 18 – 32 V DC
Current consumption at 24 V DC

Optical module (single colour)
Sound module

In the standby mode 0 mA, 10 mA version with a sound module

<90 mA
25-110 mA (depending on the signal type)

Sound output at 1 m, (dependent on the acoustic signal model) Operation in the full volume mode
Min >88 dB
Max >99 dBOperation in the not full volume mode
Min >69 dB
Max >82 dB
Type of operation environment Designed for using inside
Casing plastic material
Range of working temperatures -10°C ÷ +55°C
Contamination degree  3
Ingress protection For the version with a sound module IP54
For the version without a sound module IP65
Max. conductor cross-section 2.5 mm2


Signal 1 – Increased frequency from 400 Hz to 1300 Hz during 1s
Signal 2 – Frequency 2850 Hz, serially 60 ms of sound, 120 ms of silence
Signal 3 – Constant sound 300 Hz
Signal 4 – Serially sections of 0.5 s with the frequency of 800 Hz, 700 Hz
Signal 5 – Frequency 3 kHz, 3 bundles of pulses with the time duration of 32 ms each one (sound and silence of 16 ms) separated with the silence of 0.5 s, and then 1.5 s of silence



Dimensions are given in mm.

There is possibility of ordering the tower with the height of distance element to the tower basis: h=125 or h=275.

The drawing presenting the tower basis dimensions as well as the basis mounting holes template can be downloaded from the website.


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