Automation module MA-01


MA-01 automation module is designed for industrial automation systems. The role of the module is to mediate between the machine relay output and the signaling devices.


The module casing is made of plastic material, the casing shape design allows for direct mounting of the module on a DIN rail. MA-01 module is equipped with two terminal blocks, consisting of eight tracks each. Connection terminals of the module are located on the front panel of the casing, which facilitates the device wiring

MA-01 automation module can be connected to up to six relay outputs of the machine (Fig. 1.1). The role of the module is to control the operation of the SG-Wgw2 (SG-Wgw2 IP65) and SO-Ad2 signaling devices, in response to a pertinent state of the device control outputs. By combining these two signaling devices, the user can create visual alarm signals combined with an appropriate voice message; for example, at the time when the machine activates the relay output, a red optical signal and a voice message “Warning! Attention! Failure of the machine!” will be generated.

 Fig 1.1 MA-01 outputs and connection diagram

The signaling device SO-Ad2 permits to generate up to six visual alarm signals, while the signaling device SG-Wgw2 (SG-Wgw2 IP65) model allows for replay of six different messages. with a total duration of up to 60 seconds. The MA-01 module converts signals from the machine relay outputs directly into control signals for the SO-Ad2 and SG-Wgw2 (SG-Wgw2 IP65) alarm devices. In that case user does not need to create any control circuits.

Supply voltage 20-30 V DC
Current consumption at 24 V DC Inactive outputs <5 mA
Active outputs <10 mA
Inputs number 6
Outputs number 6
Ingress protection IP20
Working temperature range -10°C ÷ +55°C
Max. cross-section 2,5 mm2
Weight ~90 g
Dimensions 45x75x45 mm


The module does not require any programming, it is ready to use immediately after connecting the power supply. In response to the state of the inputs, the module suitably resets the outputs (as per Table 1.1.), which translates into a corresponding alarm sequence of the signaling device.

Priority Inputs number  Sequence of
SG-Wgw2, SG-Wgw2 IP65
 Sequence of
 1  IN 1  2 Red
 2  IN 2  3 Yellow
 3  IN 3  1  Green
 4  IN 4  4 Light blue
 5  IN 5  6  White
 6  IN 6  5  Violet

Table 1.1 Alarm signal sequence in response to the input state

The role of the user is only to connect the relay outputs to the control module, and the signaling devices to the module outputs. Automated control is carried out according to Table 1.1. The module does not require any programming, the user role is limited to merely creating the alarm messages best responding to the possible range of situations.

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