TS-Ad signal tower

Intended use:

The TS-Ad tower is an alarm device intended for use in automatic control systems to generate optical or acoustic-optical signals. The product is intended for use by the industrial automatic control manufacturers – to signal machine operation statuses.

A TS-Ad signal tower is a modified version of the WS-Ad tower. Modification is based on changing the method of controlling the alarm signal trigger inputs. In contrast to WS-Ad towers, the user can control the inputs in the PNP or NPN standard, depending on the control system available. The alarm has control inputs for each colour of the optical signal, the acoustic signal and a COM terminal. The COM terminal can be connected both to the power supply voltage (NPN control) and to ground (PNP control). Depending on the selected control mode, the generation of the alarm signal involves the connection of the control input to +24 V DC (for PNP) or to GND (for NPN). The alarm signal is active for as long as the control input is active.


The TS-Ad tower consists of a plastic enclosure, electronic circuit, optical system with LEDs, ground mounting element. Optical part of the device is made using a light diffusion technology – this enables even lighting of the entire surface area of the light shade. TS-Ad tower is manufactured in two versions: with two or three optical signal types. Versions are factory installed in a specific order:

  • for two colours – red/green from the top,
  • for three colours – red/yellow/green from the top.

User cannot change the order of the colours. TS-Ad tower is provided with an acid-resistant steel mounting plate (straight and angled mount with M12 industrial connector). Optionally, the device can be equipped with a sound module for generating acoustic alarm signals.


To flat surfaces, with a straight or angled mount.

Type signalling tower
Model optical acoustic-optical
Supply voltage 18..32 V DC
Current consumption in off state 0 mA
Current consumption at 24 V DC green: 100 mA
yellow: 85 mA
red: 85 mA
green: 100 mA
yellow: 85 mA
red: 85 mA
siren 1: 50 mA
siren 2: 40 mA
siren 3: 170 mA
Power consumption at 24 V DC green: 2,4 W
yellow: 2,04 W
red: 2,04 W
green: 2,4 W
yellow: 2,04 W
red: 2,04 W
siren 1: 1,2 W
siren 2: 0,96 W
Working temperature range -10°C ÷ 55°C
Sound output min. >88 dB
max. >99 dB
Light colour depends on choice of shades, available RG, RYG
Dimensions depends on type of product
Weight <400 g
<400 g mount kKO
<450 g mount pKO M12
<420 g
<400 g mount kKO
<470 g mount pKO M12
Max. cross section 2,5 mm2
Housing plastic
Housing colour black, shades in colours RG or RYG
Ingress protection IP65 IP54
IP23 – mounting type kKO, pKO
Mounting straight or angled mount
Working environment indoors

Connection diagram:

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Angled mount:

Straight mount:

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