WSD-1 audible signal switch


The WSD-1 audible signal switch is destined for collaboration with:

The switch turns off an acoustic signal coming from the above mentioned alarm devices. An application of one WSD-1 audible signal switch allows for turning off only one alarm device (SA-K5, SA-K6, SA-K7, SG-Pgw3, SGO-Pgw, SGO-Pgz3) or all devices connected to network if they are synchronized (SA-P8, SAO-P8, SAOZ-Pk2). The WSD audible signal switch is applied in fire alarm systems.


The switch consists of a plastic housing with a single key. There is a signal element in the key. Alarm device cables are connected to terminals on a printed-circuit board. The switch is mounted to the wall with two screws. An alarm signal, which sets off in the fire alarm system, sets off the SA-K, SA-P8, SAO-P8, SG-Pgw3, SGO-Pgw, SAOZ-Pk2 or SGO-Pgz3  types alarm devices connected to it. An acoustic signal of the alarm device can be switched off by using the WSD-1 audible switch key. This fact is signalled by a flashing LED diode. The diode flashes as long as the alarm signal from the fire alarm control unit fades out as a result of resetting the control unit. If another alarm signal sets off in the control unit or it sets off because a fire detector set off the system, it sets off relevant alarm devices again.


The WSD-1 switch is supplied directly from the signaling device connection block. Do not connect an external power source to the terminals of the WSD block.

Supply voltage 16-32.5 V DC
Current consumption in the off state 0 mA
Current consumption at 24 V DC 15 mA
Ingress Protection IP40
Dimensions 80x65x50 mm

WSD-1 connection diagram:

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