OM-1 mounting sleeve


Mounting Sleeves OM-1 are used to mount the signalling devices manufactured by the W2 company in suspended ceilings, coffered ceiling, and in plasterboarded spaces. Thanks to the use of such a sleeve, the user is able to “mask” parts of the signaling device. Only the signal-giving optical, acoustic and acoustic-optical part of it remains visible.The use of mounting sleeves is very useful in premises where the aesthetic aspect is particularly valuable (such as hotels, museums, classrooms).
The OM-1 sleeve allows for mounting of any signalling device manufactured by W2.


Mounting sleeve OM-1 is made of stainless steel powder coated with white colored paint.

Dimensions Ø 155 mm
Weight ~250 g
Diameter of the mounting hole Ø 133 mm
Diameter of the steel cord clamp Ø 10 mm

Mounting method:

To install the mounting sleeve OM-1 cut a hole with a diameter of 133 mm (using a hole saw) in the suspended ceiling. Then remove the spring placed at the top part of the sleeve, and place the selected signaling device in the sleeve as shown on Figure 1. After placing the signaling device, the spring should be returned into place, at a height best suited for mounting the given alarm device. Pressing onto the side springs, insert the sleeve into the mounting hole.


Figure 1. Installation of alarm devices in OM-1 mounting sleeve

If necessary, additional suspension of the signalling device with a steel cord is possible as well.

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